A good leader can get people to do what he wants them to do...
A great leader will get people to WANT to do what he wants them to do.

-R W Appleton

The Leadership Way

A good leader possesses authority and capacity to command, but a great leader demonstrates control and influence to manage people and work to exceptional results. This is the leadership style of the Marine Corps. Properly applied, it moves well from war room to boardroom and firing line to production line. Leading by positive example has always been the motto of R W Appleton, former Master Gunnery Sergeant with 30 years of service in the Marine Corps. A concise outline of his personal leadership philosophy, built as a Marine, illustrates how such a leader mindset can be applied to almost any management role in life.

Leadership Outline

Available here is an outline of the personal leadership philosophy R W Appleton followed during his years of military service in the US Marine Corps. This is the way he led Marines and these are the lessons he passed on to those who followed him. R W Appleton believes, however, that these principles have application to any endeavor in which one person must guide the actions of another.

Leadership Interview

Fellow Marine Michael Simek, while a graduate student, interviewed MGySgt R W Appleton for a paper on Leadership. The text of that interview is reprinted here with permission.

Leadership and Success

As a MGySgt, R W Appleton led Marines to successful outcomes in many projects. These covered a broad range of duty from combat zones to public works. A description of one such project of community service, the Wiscasset Railroad in Maine, was captured on video, and is available on this page.

Leadership and Recognition

RW Appleton has received military and civilian recognition for service above and beyond what is expected. Click here for a brief description.