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RWA & Co Participates in Military Additive Manufacturing Summit

February 5, 2018

RWAppleton & Co was privileged to participate in the Military Additive Manufacturing Summit in Tampa. It was an extraordinary event, bringing together decision makers, and thought leaders from across the DoD. Senior level leaders and action officers shared their latest accomplishments, opinions and plans regarding Additive Manufacturing. Valuable ideas flowed freely. Industry participants contributed their vital capabilities.

Because this was a “non-attribution” event, speakers were free to voice untethered opinions. Discussions were free-wheeling. There are clearly very different approaches to the engagement with AM. This is certainly due to the various perspectives and priorities of the individual services. Airplanes require greater assurances than trucks. Expeditionary needs are different from those at the depots. Supply chain, obsolescence, cyber security, design for AM, digital thread, were only a few of the subjects engaged. The increased focus on 3D metal printing was notable.

The value of this cross pollination of experiences and views, is of incalculable value to the DoD. Every aspect of AM was examined. Various approaches were discussed. Differing opinions were voiced. Knowledge was shared. This event, and others like it will be essential to continued progress of the DoD in this valuable technology.

Thanks to the Defense Strategies Institute for organizing this event and contributing to the acceptance of this important technology in the DoD.

Bob Appleton