Alternative Fuels

Partnerships for the testing of and education about alternative fuels have been a priority at R W Appleton & Co since 2007. In coordinted projects with notable educational institutions and military organizations, R W Appleton participated in testing specific alternative fuels for application to various battlefield vehicles. As fuel costs in warfare pose an increasingly challenging problem, this drain on resources also restricts operational mobility. Recently, the Secretary of the Navy stated that one Marine is lost, injured, or killed for every fifty convoys of fuel transport. The Commandant of the Marine Corps stated that the raw cost to transport fuel to the battlefield is a staggering $400 per gallon. Risk and cost aside, foreign dependence and environmental issues alone are enough to rank alternative fuel as a Marine Corps Priority One. Below is a link to an article on biofuel testing for which R W Appleton & Co was a team partner. Also listed is a DoD Report on alternative fuels.