Comfort for the Losers

I just reviewed the election results for the 14 presidential elections in which I have taken an interest, going back over half a century to 1952. I lived in a politically aware household and started very early. In any case, my score card reads 6 wins, 6 losses, and 2 elections in which I really didn't like either candidate. After some of those losses, I was sure we were all doomed by the terrible judgment of the undeserving winner.


The Republic stands. We still honor the Constitution. That inspired work of our Founding Fathers continues to guide us, no matter how imperfectly, toward the bright horizon. For all of our differences, the greatest nation in the history of the world survives, and remains the shining city on the hill for the "huddled masses, yearning to breathe free" who even today dream of immigrating to our great land.

Take heart. We are Americans. We will disagree and fight like jealous siblings, but like any strong family, we will compromise when we must, and always put our Nation first. We have never been perfect and will never be. We have survived every kind of misfortune, and injustice including Civil War, true economic depression on several occasions, every kind of natural disaster, a genuinely threatening World War, Warren Harding, Millard Filmore, and a host of others. Our politicians have nearly always been self-serving, egomaniacal gas bags. But for reasons unexplainable (maybe God's will) we survive, succeed and do more good than bad in the world.

We are the oldest and most successful Democracy on this planet. In 1776 we were the only one. Now there are over 180 that have followed our example…how many continue to strive to follow our example? The citizens of Afghanistan, in spite of threats of violence, turned out in remarkable numbers (over 75%) for the opportunity to practice the democracy that we gave them the chance to have. Do not mourn for the United States. Let us follow Benjamin Franklin's advice and "doubt a bit of our own infallibility" and support the decision of the electorate. We will be OK, as we always have been. Our divinely inspired Constitution, which you and I have both sworn to uphold, will save us. As long as the Constitution lives, the United States will thrive.